Sunday, February 20, 2011


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Can't wait, you're going to love them!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Down the Bayou....

Last weekend we took an Airboat tour of the Bayou.
It's funny to think that a swamp could be beautiful, but when you are there and surrounded by it, it's easy to see that it really is amazing.

When we first met our tour guide Dusty, he told us that with a little luck, we would get to meet his swamp dog.....
Well we did! This 12 foot alligator named "Big Boy" is Dusty's swamp dog. When we first got to the area that he hangs out in, we turned off the boat and the tour guide started clapping his hands and calling him by name. We waited a few minutes and nothing, so we started to leave when he suddenly popped up. Just like a dog being called, he came for a treat of raw chicken.

It was amazing how close he came to the boat. If you were brave you could have reached out and touched him he was that close.
This little guy hung on to the front of our boat the whole time, quite impressive seeing how fast we were going!

After our tour we headed to PreJean's for some lunch. We were just finishing up when Tyler's dad said "that's Billy the exterminator!" We had seen previews of this guys show but hadn't actually watched it before, But we were not about to pass up on a photo with a Louisiana celebrity, so we kindly interrupted his lunch for a great photo with his mullet! Love it.
We also saw his truck in the parking lot, couldn't pass on that photo either!
Everything we have done since we've been here has surpassed my expectations every time! We are having a blast here, there is so much to do and see. We're having a fun summer!


We spent our fourth of July on the bank of the Mississippi, at an event called

"Fireworks on the Mississippi"

Dock of the USS Kidd

It was such a fun night! And the fireworks were amazing over the water. It was a fabulous time!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Thats how you say it when you're from this part of the county. Baton Rouge Louisiana, that is where we are calling home for now. Tyler started a show here a couple weeks ago and is scheduled to be here til at least November (so their saying...) So the Residence Inn is our place of residence. Ty has been here before on a show, so he knows where to go and what to see. So Saturday we went to check out one the plantation homes here, it was amazing to see how they lived hundreds of years ago.
The plantation we went to was called "the Haumus House".
The trees are over 500 years old and gigantic in size! The landscaping was gorgeous and so well manicured. And the house was amazing in detail and decor for even this era, let alone the 1700's.
We also drove across a lake to New Orleans where Tyler's dad is currently working on a show.
What an interesting town. We rode the trolley- which is the oldest in the country.
And headed down to the famous "Bourbon Street" where the party happens.
What a filthy place! The whole street stinks, and there are strippers standing in doorways trying to lure you in. Drunks all over the place slurring and stumbling.
It was pretty interesting to say the least. We did hear great music (this guys left cheek, not his right- just his left would get HUGE when he would play, it was so awesome.) and ate some great food,
so there is good points in that town too. To say it is hot here is a HUGE understatement. It is in the high 90's with 100% humidity!
You open the door and feel like you're walking into a sauna. it's intense! We are having a great time here so far, and keeping ourselves well entertained! I will try to keep you all updated on our fun down here in Luzeeana!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Things you learn...

I have always lived in Utah. Always, so Utah is what I know. I know four distinct seasons. I know my mountains. I know how far away a city is when I hear the name of it. I know where to go to find the perfect caramel steamer. I know when I go to a common store in Utah, chances are I'm going to run in to someone know. California is so new. So different. I've learned so much living here.

I've learned that people are very confused on their seasons because it rarely gets below 60 degrees. It hits 59 and people are rippin out their Ugg boots, scarfs and winter woolies. Me... open toes and short sleeves! Yay! Warmth in winter months! Loving it.
I've learned that every thing moves slower in California. The traffic, the garbage man, the line at the post office, Everything.
I learned that my TomTom was the best gift I have ever been given! He has literally become my best friend! We go every where together. We go shopping, to the salon, and to get groceries. I would be so lost without him:)
I've learned that people are seriously addicted to Starbucks. There is one on EVERY corner sometimes two or three in one shopping center. It's incredible.

I've learned that everyone, and I mean everyone has a personalized licence plate,
they think they are so clever with things like "czycady" or "7jensens" and "spermom" (these are all actual plates I've seen.... awesome!)
It's taking me a minute to get use to it here, somethings are harder than others, the weather took about a day to fall in love with. Being away from my family is taking a little longer. Being married and waking up to my cute husband everyday was instantaneous. The traffic, I dont think anyone gets use to that!

It's not hard to love California. There's not a whole lot not to love. The people here keep you well entertained.

I'm loving it here!

Monday, February 8, 2010

The Honeymoon....

Two days after our wedding, we were off to Mexico!

Six fabulous weeks of sunshine, sand and surf!

Forty days of hammock naps, sunset beaches, and incredible pina coladas!
(oh, and a hot surfer husband:)
The days were hot, the food was amazing and the company couldn't have been better.

Have you ever had the coke in Mexico? It's one of the most amazing thing there.
Did we buy mexican wrestling masks and act out a match? Of course!

We may have had one fight with a sting ray....But if that's the one thing we had to endure for a month and a half of bliss....
We'll take it. We had an absolutely fabulous time!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Wedding....

The weather: 72 and sunny...
The food: very good...

The ring bearer: so funny....
The atmosphere: vibrant and breath taking....

The company: fantastic...

The groom: Very, very handsome...
The ladybugs: everywhere....

The flower girls: adorable...
The day:  so perfect!